German Rodogell

Entering the ring with dignity and splendor, German Rodogell draws upon his ancestral knowledge to amaze audiences internationally. Born as a fifth-generation circus artist in Monterrey, Mexico, German, his parents, and two siblings traveled and performed as the renowned Rodogell Teeterboard troupe. Eventually, German developed precise physical control in his skill of sword balance. Inner stability and extreme concentration mingle with classic showmanship to create a most stunning traditional circus act. The origination of the sword balancing act is buried in the depths of history; however, its presence is longstanding. Performing in the ring is profoundly satisfying for German, who says his life in the circus makes him feel alive.

Now, with two kids of his own, German’s joy is watching his children grow in this business; as for his own life, he says, “I was born in the circus, and I want to die in the circus, for sure.”